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...broadening perspectives.

Load your assigned SDF files

Visualize your SDF file using Ligand_Brower


Draw and characterize your ligand

Exploring structural similarity

Remove your PAINS

Search and save your PDB file

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Dock your candidate

This project was possible thanks to the irreplaceable contributions of Matteo Floris, Davide Sabbadin, Alberto Cuzzolin and Andrea Cristiani.

We warmly thank Chemical Computing Group (CCG) for giving access to
, Thomas E. Exner for provinding us PLANTS docking tool, Matthias Rarey for ging access to PoseView, and Peter Ertl for its editor.

We are very grateful to the large community of Developers who make possible the use of the following free tools: Ubuntu Linux operating system, Apache web server, PHP scripting language, Jmol - the open source molecular viewer, Jquery - Javascript library, CDK - the chemistry development kit, CACTVS toolkit by Xemistry, Indigo command line utilities by GGA Software Services.

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