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Former Ph.D. students at MMS

Giseppe Deganutti 2014-2016 Ligand-receptor binding events decoded at the molecular scale by means of molecular dynamics simulations.
Alberto Cuzzolin 2013-2015 Novel in silico approaches  to depict the protein-ligand recognition events.
Andrea Cristiani 2012-2015
Molecular dynamics simulations and in silico mutagenesis: from in vitro to in silico and from clinics to molecular modeling.

Davide Sabbadin


G protein-coupled receptors as a drug traget: investigation receptor topology and ligand recognition harnessing the power of Graphical Processing Units.

Marco Fanton


Chemoinformatic approchaes for new drugs discovery.

Silvia Paoletta


Designing adenosine receptors antagonists using an in silico approach.

Serena Basili


Computational approaches for the rational design of novel Topoisomerase I poisons as potential anticancer drugs.

Erika Morizzo


G protein-coupled receptors as potential drug target: from receptor topology to rational drug design: an in silico approach.

Andrea Bortolato


Rational design of new protein kinases inhibitors of pharmaceutical interest.

Loris Moretti


Exploring structure and plasticity of tyrosine kinase domains for drug discovery.

Magdalena Bacilieri


3D-QSARs as powerful drug design tool: from concept to application.

Silvia Bosio


Progettazione, sintesi e caratterizzazione di nuovi inibitori della protein chinasi CK2.

Ileana Menegazzo


Spettroscopia di risonanza magnetica nucleare in chimica farmaceutica: applicazioni, limiti e prospettive.

Diego Dal Ben


Human Topoisomerase II as anticancer drug target: new insight into its molecular function using a combined molecular modeling approach.

Francesca Deflorian


Studio computazionale sulle modalità di binding di antagonisti competitivi della glicina nei recettori NMDA.

Alessandro Brigo


Comparative computational studies on HIV-1 integrase: a novel approach to target-based drug design.

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