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MMS unit will provide its competencies in discovering and optimizing novel kinase inhibitors.   In this project we have identified two serine-threonine kinases, the glycogen synthase kinase 3-b ( GSK3β) and casein kinase 1 (CK1), as potential neuroinflammatory drug targets due to their strong association with the TNF-dependent intracellular signalling. In principle, the silencing of the phosphorylation activity of both kinases might be used to abolish or drastically reduce the downstream effects of the inflammatory signalling promoted by TNF.  Therefore  two main objectives are considered in this part of the project:
a) design and synthesis of novel potent an selective ATP-competitive  GSK3
β and CK1 inhibitors;
b) design and synthesis of novel potent  ATP-competitive  GSK3
β and CK1 dual inhibitors.
The main aim of this operative unit, is the discovery and the prioritized synthesis of new inhibitors against casein kinase 1 (CK1).

Sub units:

Giorgio Cozza - biochemistry unit
Luigi Quintieri - ADMET profile unit
Matteo Floris - chemoinformatics unit

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