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MMsINC has been powered up by using the following software. Our best appreciation is dedicated to those who help us through implementing these programs.


MMsINC also acknowledge: Apache, Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Perl and mod_perl, Python, IUPAC(InChI), JME, Chemis3D, PubChem, Protein Data Bank (PDB), Zinc, Sardegna Ricerche, ...

and all vendors and organizations:

ACB Blocks; Acros Organics:; Alfa-Aesar:; AnalytiCon Discovery:; Apollo Scientific:; Asinex:; Aurora Feinchemie:; Bachem:; ChemBridge:; ChemDiv:; Chemical Block:; Combi-Blocks:; ComGenex:; Digital Specialty Chemicals:; Enamine:; FDA Approved Drugs; Frinton:; IBScreen:; Indofine:; KeyOrganics:; Life Chemicals:; LOPAC1280:; Maybridge:; MicroSource:; Molecular Diversity Preservation International:; Nanosyn:; National Cancer Institute:; Oakwood Chemical:; Otava:; Peakdale:; PepTech:; Pharmeks:;   Ryan Scientific:; Sigma-Aldrich:; Specs:; SynChem:; Synthonix:; TimTec:; Tractus:; Toslab:; Tyger:; Vitas-M: Adesis: